Atlanta Series – Ten Episodes – Difference between Real and Rap Life Review

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Atlanta is among the biggest cities for up-and-coming rappers seeking to make a memorable name for themselves within the industry. Among these up-and-coming artists is Atlanta’s own Alfred “Eli” Miles, a young up-and-coming artist who’s trying to learn the fine line between real life and rap life. He’s been managed by his uncle, Earn, who easily gets caught up in Atlanta’s tight rap scene and the lucrative career of his cousins, Alfred “Eli” Miles III and Earn.

What exactly is life like for Atlanta’s rap royalty? Who are their mentors? What kind of people do they surround themselves with? Through this Atlanta Series Review, you’ll discover some of the more noteworthy people and things to expect while living in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

This Atlanta Series reviews will cover the major players of Atlanta hip-hop, as well as some lesser known ones. If you’re planning on joining Atlanta’s underground scene, you’ll discover a few key players and places to check out. First, you’ll discover Atlanta’s very own Earl Sweatshirt. Known mostly through his highly popular online mixtapes, Earl has become quite the urban legend in his own right.

Underground Scenes

Second, you’ll discover Atlanta’s underground scene, especially at areas like the West End. Atlanta is a hub of creativity and a true playground for musical artists looking for a place to hone their skills. Many of Atlanta’s most talented artists got their start on the underground. Some notable names are: Nelly, Tyga, Waka, Chamillionaire, Soulmate, P Diddy, Dot Da Genius, and many others.

Finally, you’ll discover the great divide between the coasts and the inner city. Atlanta is home to some of America’s most intelligent, progressive, and socially conscious citizens. However, when it comes down to it, Atlanta is still a divided city, where the wealthier and more affluent coastal communities live in crescent shaped streets while lower class people, especially in the poorer south part of town, live in high rises and go to the Atlanta University Center to attend their schools.

The Atlanta series is an attempt to depict Atlanta as a living, breathing cultural center. Atlanta is a melting pot of sorts, blending the differences of various cultures and ethnicities that have made Atlanta a true American city. Each of the ten episodes chronicles a different facet of Atlanta life, as you’ll see when you hop on your Atlanta Georgia express train. Atlanta’s creative energy has inspired many other television shows, books, and music.

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