Code Geass Series Overview – What You Need to Know About Code Geass

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The Code Geass Series is based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series of the same name. In the series, a powerful warlord named Jigsaw secretly plots to kill the king of England, taking over the England lands with him in a massive war. The series follows the story of main protagonist Rintoo Seisuke, a transfer student at Otsuki Academy who is given the task of fighting his enemy in a mock battle. Along with his two friends, Tsubasa, another member of the combat team, and Sayaka, another friend of Seisuke, Rintoo has to protect the entire city of Shuri from the Britannia Empire. Meanwhile, the Britannia Empire plans to attack Japan in order to take control of the valuable Japanese metal known as Geass.

Code Geass Series Actors

This anime was made by the studio Gonzo and was first broadcasted on the Japan news network Cartoon Network in 2008. From this series, the Code Geass series gained great popularity. It became one of the most watched anime television shows of that year and was even more popular than the previous hit Harry Potter. The reason behind its popularity could be attributed to its excellent animation, which is comparable to many of the current popular anime production being churned out nowadays. Also, the character designs are uniquely distinctive and unique.

On March 10th, it was announced that the Code Geass Series will get an animated sequel. It will be helmed by the popular anime director Koji Yamagata. The premise of the new series is that after the events of the first episode, a new member of the organisation was supposedly introduced into the organization, and that member is Ritsu Tainaka.

The main character of the Code Geass Series is Ritsu Tainaka, who is a Japanese businessman working in London. He is the main witness at the RICO trial that takes place at the beginning of the show, and he also becomes a key figure in the series. He is soon discovered by Lelouch, who is also a Japanese businessman, and he plans to use him as a double for someone he wants to frame. The two are soon joined by the alternate timeline version of Lelouch, who ends up becoming the Prince of Britannia. At the end of the first season, it was revealed that Lelouch and Tainaka have been connected ever since they were childhood classmates, and that the second season will feature a love story between them.

Currently, the Japanese release of Code Geass has not yet been aired in America. There is speculation that the series will be released on the American network Hulu sometime in 2009, but nothing has been confirmed. It has been highly critical of the Code Geass Series, especially the openings and endings. Some fans have even stated that Code Geass has become a farce, and that the producers of the show should have more respect for the source material. However, Code Geass has managed to grow in popularity outside of Japan, and is widely acclaimed within the world as a great action and mystery series. The show has been sold out at many screenings, and is predicted to become one of the biggest selling anime films of all time.

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