Fighting Spirit Sicilia – A Film Review

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Directed by Lucio Castelluccio, Fighting Spirit Series is the third installment of Lucio’s successful five films in the series. With an ensemble cast composed of the previously main characters from the first film as well as newcomers like Colin Salmon, Kaya Scodelario and Ansel Gough, this film is sure to be enjoyable for all audiences. If you like the first four FSS films, then you’re in for a treat! Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll find this one a little underwhelming.

Despite the rather large set-up, this film manages to keep its story fast-paced enough to keep your attention, yet slow enough to give it some character development. The story follows a young boxer named Diego while he goes to a boxing match against a much older opponent named Zoltan. What happens during the match is explosive, and the fight takes an unexpected turn after the bout is over.

In terms of fighting techniques, there are still plenty of them to enjoy. Diego uses his boxing skills to great effect, landing a number of punches and kicks on Zoltan, who seems to be invincible. The background music is composed of songs from the Fighting Spirit Series, with one particularly excellent piece being fought right near the end. The fight is brief, but enough to let you know that this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill martial arts movie. As a result, Fighting Spirit Sicilia is very entertaining from start to finish.

One thing that’s consistent throughout the series is the use of martial arts. Although this isn’t a full-fledged action film, it does have some sequences set inside of various training facilities or parlor games, each focusing on a different technique or weapon used during a sparring match. The fights themselves are brief, but are still incredibly powerful in how they show the various styles of fighting, as demonstrated by the various different kinds of punches and kicks that Diego can use during his matches. The series also includes several bonus scenes, most of which focus on Diego, Zoltan, and a few other fighters from the past.

Fighting Spirit Sicilia isn’t just your average MMA movie. It’s more of an action-adventure story than anything else, and the main characters are drawn from the world of boxing. This includes Zoltan, a Turkish citizen who becomes a professional boxer after finding success in the ring, and Diego, a former college football player turned into a fighter in the Philippines who travels to China to win a fight there. These two meet up again, and this time, they’re joined by a number of other fighters from the series. The action-filled fights that ensue are quite memorable for the viewers, who get to see how the various styles of fighting are brought to the screen.

Fighting Spirit Sicilia isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Bollywood movie. It’s a truly exciting, action-packed film that stands on its own for all of its moments. If you like your MMA movies gritty, with real fighters taking place, then this is definitely a title you’ll want to check out. For fans of martial arts cinema who demand realism in their stories, then this one is for you.

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