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The first episode of Mad Men, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” marks the beginning of a brand new six part Mad Men Series. If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll know that the beginning of the series finds its protagonist advertising for a cigarette company in an ad, before being fired from his job. Don Draper ( Pete Campbell) returns to his small town of New York, determined to right the wrongs he believes have gone wrong in his absence. He is accompanied by his equally important but slightly volatile friend Betty (Jane Fonda), who knows something is amiss. With the help of their respective friends, they plan to catch a killer.

As the Mad Men Series progresses, we slowly start to learn more about the background of the main characters. We learn about their past, what happened to their family, how they met their future wife, what happened to Don Draper and so much more. We also discover how Don Draper fell for Betty. In the series finale, the audience is also given the chance to catch up with Betty and her ex-husband, which is just the way Mad Men prefers to end a story.

This final episode of Mad Men focuses more on the inner peace achieved by the main characters as they deal with the different situations which arise throughout the show. We watch as Betty and Don Draper fall in love, then their daughter Betty marries a man (from the advertising industry), Don Draper falls ill and dies in a car crash, then Don’s best friend Lane goes off to college. Then the show flashes back to an earlier time, before all of this. It shows the Mad Men crew watching the Coca-Cola advert, which has become their guiding star. Eventually the series comes to an end and we can breathe a little easier, knowing that the end of the line is nigh.

The first season of Mad Men had some good storylines, which kept the audience engrossed. However, the second season of Mad Men saw the introduction of a new major character, the advertising executive, Pete Campbell. He was brought in as a result of Pete Campbell’s strained relationship with his own boss, a ruthless and domineering ad man, Maxwell Gray. Within the first few episodes of the new season, we see how Pete begins to alter the course of the show, making it far more interesting. We also see how he deals with those around him, especially the women. His interactions with Betty are also far more emotional than in the previous seasons.

One of Mad Men’s strengths is its pace, which never slows down. It’s not a fast-paced action/adventure series, but there is enough tension and build-up to keep you glued to the television. Watching the final episodes is particularly thrilling because Mad Men ends on such a high note, with such satisfying consequences. The final episodes of Mad Men take us down many roads, many of which are explored in the last few minutes of the series finale. You can either watch the end of the story unfold on television or you can catch up with the story via the Mad Men web cast.

Mad Men’s final season received rave reviews from critics and fans. It has a very stylish look and it is a delight to watch. You can pick up a brand new Mad Men series finale DVD just as easily as you can pick up the first season, plus a whole host of bonus features. If you’ve never watched Mad Men, the series finales are the place to begin. If you’ve seen the show before, you’ll find that the conclusion is simply amazing.

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