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The Bureau Series continues with The Bureau Purge. The first novel in the series, The Bureau Purge was published in May of 2021. The second novel, Ante Up, will hit shelves soon. Stay tuned for a new cover reveal for next book, The Bureau Series: An Unlawful Education, coming out in October.

The Bureau Series tells the story of two cousins, Gabriel and Cameron, who are friends. The Bureau has been called to protect the public from the supernatural, a dangerous new presence that rises up through the cracks in society. The Bureau agents must deal with the volatile situations that arise when dealing with supernatural threats. The Bureau Series focuses on the relationship between the Bureau agents, Cameron and Gabriel. The book starts as they are out investigating a break-in at an old house where a dead woman whose husband escaped custody stands behind them.

The two get separated while searching. While hiking in the woods, they come across a shackled woman in chains. The woman tells them she knows they are her killers and she wants them to leave her alone. The Bureau agents wonder how they know the woman is their killer, given the fact they are in some kind of dangerous environment. Things get even more complicated when she kills a cop while attempting to kill another. The Bureau agent that is accompanying them in his car lets them know that the woman is dangerous and that they need to take her down before she gets too many chances to hurt anyone else.

The Bureau Responsible for Attack

The Bureau agents continue to search for the person responsible for this attack, so they ask a few other Bureau agents for help. None of them know anything about the situation they are in. The Bureau is going to need a very good plan of action to get any results from the investigation.

The plan is simple: The Bureau needs to find out as much as they can about this crazy woman and get her off the streets. They need to figure out what happened so they can figure out who the real killer is. The Bureau agents don’t know how to go about this. They have a number of suspects in mind but no solid proof. It seems like the only way to catch the culprit is to hire a private eye to get some inside information about the case.

The Bureau Series continues with The Shot caller and The Dead Man Walking. I’m not sure if I’m going to like any of these books. The first one, The Shot Caller seemed to have more promise than The Dead Man Walking did. The series picks up shortly after The Dead Man Walking and you can probably expect The Shot Caller to be better.

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