Top Gear Series – What You Should Know About This Automobile Series

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Top Gear Series is a popular British TV series about automobiles, mainly sports cars, and the highest watched factual TV programme in the globe. It began in 1990 and is still viewed by millions each week. It features four prominent celebrities – Richard Branson, James May, Roger Lloyd and Matt Le Blanc. The main character is called Paul Thompson, a freelance journalist who becomes the first ever test driver for a Top Gear Series vehicle. There have been several TV movie versions of Top Gear Series, some of which have won awards.

The Top Gear Series budget is calculated by the following: The car, the driver, the destination and insurance. The first three are the more expensive to buy, with the exception of Top Gear Series models. Insurance is calculated using the standard mileage for that model of car. The cheaper versions are usually very economical and can easily be driven without any insurance, if taken care of properly. However, it’s usually better to have adequate insurance, especially if you are driving an expensive car.

Top Gear Series is not for the novice driver, even though the driving skills involved are similar. Instead it is for those who already know what they like to do with cars. The cars used are usually sports cars of some sort. This is because they are the most practical and inexpensive to buy and they also present the easiest challenge for a Top Gear Series driver.

Top Gear Series cars are classified into classes. They are generally categorized into groups. These include sport, family, performance, touring, utility and racing. The classes give more meaning to the actual driving experience. Sport cars are fast, sleek and roomy, while family cars are practical, comfortable and roomy.

Touring cars are meant for those people who love the outdoors and want to see as much of it as possible. Performance cars are big and very muscle cars of various makes. Utility cars are smaller than other types of Top Gear cars and have to carry cargo. Racing cars are the fastest of all. Each Top Gear series has different budget limits.

The Top Gear Series is presented in four seasons. Season one is for those with a good driving skill and those without. Season two onwards will present cars to those with good budgets and those needing improvement. For those who own Top Gear Series cars and want to upgrade to more powerful models, they have the option to buy complete series packages.

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